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The Camomile Lawn Mary Wesley

The Camomile Lawn

Mary Wesley

Published 1992
297 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

On an expanse of sweet-smelling grass at the edge of the Cornwall cliffs, a family gathers on one of the last halcyon days before World War II. But for five unconventional, adolescent cousins - Polly and Walter, who are brother and sister- Oliver, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War- the illegitimate , orphaned Sophie- and the beautiful, self-assured Calypso - the chamomile lawn becomes a garden of sexual tension and temptation. They play their childhood chase game , the Terror Run, and talk about losing their innocence. when the war comes, with death a constant menace and sexual conventions rejected, it adds a reckless zest to their lives, and their games become realities.